Empowered Learning Centers provide homeschoolers with an advantage no school can – the ability to assess and correct the underlying causes of a student’s inability to efficiently learn the content taught in schools. Our tailored programs, based on learning style and skill-level, are an educational enhancement to a child’s homeschooling instruction, serving as a perfect accompaniment to their personalized education in a safe learning environment.

At-Center — The Empowered Learning™ Program


The Empowered Learning™ Program is an exclusive combination of “outside-the-box” educational and medical technologies that works on the brain’s processing abilities, directly affecting underdeveloped cognitive, visual and sensory-motor functions and literally changing the brain physically as it eliminates barriers to learning.

The Empowered Learning™ Program operates several levels below the content typically taught in schools or by tutors and measures the cognitive, visual processing and sensory-motor integration functions of anyone experiencing learning and/or behavioral difficulties. Once deficiencies in any of the screened areas are identified, the program is tailored to remediate the deficiencies, which enables the student to then easily assimilate any content taught in school.

The Empowered Learning™ Pyramid… The Foundation Of All Learning

Level One – Sensory-Motor Integration (SMI), the “Mind-Body” connection, is the foundation of all learning. Poorly developed neural connections between the brain and the body, which often manifest themselves in clumsy or disruptive behavior, contribute to an individual’s inability to focus or attend to learning tasks.

Solution: An individualized program of special exercises in our sensory-motor gym will bring the under-developed “mind-body” neural connections up to the well-developed range and eliminate balance, coordination, focus and attention challenges.

Level Two – Visual Processing (VP) is often the underlying cause of reading, focus, attention and behavioral difficulties. VP – not to be confused with proper eyesight – is the two-fold ability to physically control eye movement as well as efficiently move information from the eyes to the brain via neural connections.

VP deficiencies are often the underlying cause of problems with reading and comprehension, as well as behavioral problems related to the areas of focus and attention. VP deficiencies are often misdiagnosed as symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and lead to the often unnecessary prescribing of powerful medications such as Ritalin and Adderall.

Solution: An individualized program of special integrated visual and sensory-motor exercises in our brain gym to correct both the under-developed eye control issues – refixations, convergence, tracking, side-to-side dipping, wall-eye – as well as strengthening the under-developed neural connections carrying information from the eyes to the brain, at the same time working on balance and hand-eye coordination.

Since it’s inception, the Empowered Learning™ Program has helped take over 650 students off powerful ADD/ADHD medications -AND- has de-classified 80% of students once assigned to Special Ed. classes.

Level Three – Cognitive Skills are individual functions of the brain – 41 of which govern an individual’s ability to learn. The underdevelopment of these core cognitive brain functions can impair the ability to process information, leading to a difficult in learning content.

Solution: The Award-Winning Brainware™ software program with special training modules for each of the 41 cognitive abilities will bring any under-developed areas into the developed range and possibly even into the gifted range. Along with properly developed sensory-motor and visual processing abilities, properly developed cognitive skills make learning difficulties fall away and allow easy, efficient content learning.

Level Four – Learning Strategies work with the notion that each person learns differently, so “one size fits all” teaching strategies fail students with different learning styles. Many people labeled learning disabled are challenged on a sensory or visual processing level and only need a different type of education to accelerate their learning processes.

Solution: Founder Peter Riddle has developed Learning Strategies™, a proprietary set of brain-based learning strategies modeled after how the best learners in every category approach learning. These strategies teach students how to absorb content the way their brain was designed to accept information. Learning Strategies™ are universal – completely applicable to every subject and aspect of learning. The Empowered Learning™ Program produces a learner who assimilates content based on the way their brain was designed to accept it, creating a much more efficient and comfortable learning experience and improving areas like memory and retention.

The Peak Of The Pyramid – Content. Once the foundational aspects of learning function are measured, remediated and combined with mastery of the Empowered Learning™ brain-based Learning Strategies™, the Empowered Learning™ Program graduate will be capable of learning any content more efficiently.