The Breakthrough Fusion of Educational and Medical Technology:

For over 20 years, Empowered Learning Transformation Centers have helped learners of any age and ability break through to peak performance levels in the areas of learning, focus and attention.

The Empowered Learning™ Program is a proprietary fusion of educational and medical technologies that works below the level of content learning to measure, then fix under- developed abilities by changing brain and mind/body integration. These abilities determine a person’s ability to learn content, as well as how much energy he or she uses to learn that content. Additionally, the Empowered Learning™ Program improves physical performance in the areas of balance and coordination, which can often improve athletic performance.

Research and developments in neurology over the last 30 years has shown that the brain is not static and can be rewired (neuroplasticity). This has validated the ELTC approach of effectively “rewiring” the brain by increasing and strengthening the neural pathways will positive affect an individual’s ability to learn.

From transitioning over 700 students dealing with learning difficulties and labels like “ADHD” off powerful medications to enabling good students to cut their homework time by as much as 2/3 to providing relief to adult professionals straining to keep up with heavy workloads, the Empowered Learning™ Program provides peak-performance seekers of every stripe the means to achieve their potential.


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