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What is Empowered Learning?

Empowered Learning is a revolutionary approach to education and personal development. With nearly three decades of experience transforming lives through our Empowered Learning Transformational Centers, we're thrilled to introduce our new online platform that makes our life-changing program accessible worldwide.

What are the key changes with the new Empowered Learning platform?

After operating exclusively in physical centers for over 28 years, we've harnessed technology to bring our program online. It's not just a replication; we're expanding our offerings. We now offer a range of developmental courses and training programs for both children and adults, enhancing learning abilities, executive functions, memory, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and life knowledge.

Who created the Empowered Learning program, and is it backed by research?

The Empowered Learning Program™ is built on a solid foundation of theoretical and experimental science. It integrates groundbreaking research from fields such as Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Optometry, and Learning Theory. Our program has been extensively tested and validated nationwide.

How often and for how long do students need to participate in Empowered Learning?

Students attend Empowered Learning sessions on average twice a week, each lasting 90 minutes. Each student is different, meaning that some might need to come in more or less than others. However, the bottom line is that consistency is key, as skill development takes time and effort.

How does Empowered Learning differ from traditional education or tutoring programs?

Empowered Learning goes beyond conventional teaching. We don't just focus on content; we rewire and retrain brains. Our program is designed to empower individuals of all ages by addressing the core processes and abilities needed for effective learning and personal growth.

How can Empowered Learning benefit me or my child?

Our philosophy centers on fostering lifelong learning. Our programs offer opportunities for personal growth, empowerment, and advancement. Whether you're a student looking to excel academically, an adult seeking professional development, or someone simply wanting to enhance cognitive abilities, Empowered Learning can transform your life.

Can Empowered Learning help individuals with attention and learning challenges?

Yes, Empowered Learning can be highly beneficial for individuals with attention and learning challenges. Many of these issues can be linked to underdeveloped skills in areas like visual processing, sensory motor integration, and cognitive processing. Our program addresses these foundational skills, potentially mitigating symptoms and enhancing learning abilities.

How can I contact Empowered Learning to learn more or get started?

Explore this new chapter of Empowered Learning by reaching out for a free consultation anytime. Our Empowered Learning team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect program to meet your specific needs.