Improving Learning
for All Ages

Training minds of all ages to overcome the challenges that are inherent in traditional education for a successful future.

Empowered Learning Transformational Centers has the ability to revolutionize your life through neuroscience and brain training research, enhancing your focus, attention, learning capabilities, with reduced stress and anxiety for a lifetime. These skills are brain enhancements that improve learning throughout a lifetime.  The benefits don’t just go away when you finish the program.

Our program helps students to:




Failed classes


Bright but stuggles to maintain focus


Difficulty following directions and completing tasks


Labeled AD/HD, prescribed medication


Battles over homework


Depression and anxiety


Receiving special education services


High-achieving students spending several hours on homework




Look forward to their assignments


Improve self-image and self-esteem


Find joy in learning


Uncover untapped potential


Improve focus


Enhance attention


Attain better memory recall


Nurture learning


Improved athletic performance

We train children to focus and unlock their learning potential,

Giving them the tools to close gaps.

Sensory Motor Integration

Sensory Motor / Visual Processing

Cognitive Skills

Cognitive Learning

Cognitive Skills

Memory & Advanced Learning Strategies

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Our Programs

We have a variety of programs
to fit your needs

In-Center Program

Welcome to Empowered Learning Transformational Center, where our flagship program, the Incenter Program, offers comprehensive brain training for life-changing transformations in your child. Unleash their hidden potential through carefully curated techniques, empowering them as lifelong learners. With this program, students embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and academic excellence, gaining the tools to excel in school and beyond. Witness your child’s life transform before your eyes by clicking above to unlock their full potential today!

Hybrid Program

Discover the power of our hybrid program – the best option for families facing time and distance constraints. With a unique approach, our program balances in-center and at-home learning for an interactive experience. Half the curriculum takes place at our center, while the other half involves your active participation at home. We provide all necessary equipment and guidance, making you an integral part of your child’s growth. Our Empowered Learning team will support you throughout, ensuring successful learning at home. Witness your child’s transformation as they thrive with our expert team and your involvement. Unleash their true potential and embark on a journey of lifelong learning and growth for a brighter future.

NEW!     Online Program

Welcome to our comprehensive online training program, where transformative development awaits from the comfort of your home. Through engaging videos and step-by-step guidance, you’ll master sensory-visual exercises with confidence. Weekly videoconference calls with expert instructors ensure smooth progress and address any challenges. Join us on this exciting adventure of unlocking your cognitive potential. Our online-only program offers flexibility, convenience, and expert guidance for effective learning. Get ready to embark on a journey of personal growth and cognitive enhancement!

Memory & Learning Strategy Courses

Unlock the power of your memory with our transformative memory-focused training program at Empowered Learning Transformational Center. Learn to have a perfect memory by mastering the presidents of the United States, countries of the world, elements of the periodic table, bones of the body, and more. Our program is designed to revolutionize your learning abilities, enhancing your focus, attention, and memory recall. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and unlock your true potential. Expand your knowledge and build a lifetime of learning at Empowered Learning Transformational Center.

The Empowered Learning Pyramid:
The Foundation of All Learning

(Click the levels of the pyramid below to learn about each one)

The Peak of the Pyramid – Content

Once the essential aspects of learning functions are assessed, addressed, and combined with expertise in the Empowered Learning™ brain-based Learning Strategies™, graduates of the Empowered Learning Transformational Center can enhance their ability to learn any subject matter more effectively.

Level Four – Learning Strategies

Learning strategies work with the notion that each person learns differently, so “one size fits all” teaching strategies fail students with different learning styles. Many people labeled learning disabled are challenged on a sensory or visual processing level and only need a different type of education to accelerate their learning processes.


Founder Peter Riddle has developed Learning Strategies™, a proprietary set of brain-based learning strategies modeled after how the best learners in every category approach learning. These strategies teach students how to absorb content the way their brain was designed to accept information. Learning Strategies™ are universal – completely applicable to every subject and aspect of learning. The Empowered Learning™ Program produces a learner who assimilates content based on the way their brain was designed to accept it, creating a much more efficient and comfortable learning experience and improving areas like memory and retention.

Level Three – Cognitive Skills

Cognitive Skills are individual functions of the brain – 41 of which govern an individual’s ability to learn. The underdevelopment of these core cognitive brain functions can impair the ability to process information, leading to a difficult in learning content.


The award-winning Brainware™ software program with special training modules for each of the 41 cognitive abilities will bring any underdeveloped areas into the developed range and possibly even into the gifted range. Along with properly developed sensory-motor and visual processing abilities, properly developed cognitive skills make learning difficulties fall away and allow easy, efficient content learning.

Level Two – Visual Processing (VP)

This is often the underlying cause of reading, focus, attention and behavioral difficulties. VP – not to be confused with proper eyesight – is the two-fold ability to physically control eye movement as well as efficiently move information from the eyes to the brain via neural connections. VP deficiencies are often the underlying cause of problems with reading and comprehension, as well as behavioral problems related to the areas of focus and attention. VP deficiencies are often misdiagnosed as symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and lead to the often unnecessary prescribing of powerful medications such as Ritalin and Adderall.


An individualized program of special integrated visual and sensory-motor exercises in our brain gym to correct both the under-developed eye control issues – refixations, convergence, tracking, side-to-side dipping, wall-eye – as well as strengthening the under-developed neural connections carrying information from the eyes to the brain, at the same time working on balance and hand-eye coordination. Since its inception, the Empowered Learning™ Program has helped take over 700 students off powerful ADD/ADHD medications and has de-classified 80% of students once assigned to Special Ed. classes.

Level One – Sensory-Motor Integration (SMI)

The “Mind-Body” connection is the cornerstone of all learning. Insufficiently developed neural connections between the brain and the body can often result in clumsy or disruptive behavior, poor handwriting, and symptoms associated with ADHD. A deficient sensory motor system significantly contributes to an individual’s inability to concentrate or engage in learning tasks. At Empowered Learning Transformational Center, we assess and enhance 13 perceptual abilities in our smart gym, with a specific focus on midline, balance, spatial awareness, and gross motor skills. Our program incorporates a series of developmental exercises that target these areas of underdevelopment.


An individualized program of special exercises in our sensory-motor gym will bring the under-developed “mind-body” neural connections up to the well-developed range and eliminate balance, coordination, focus and attention challenges.

We take an innovative approach by integrating visual training within a busy and distracting environment as part of and with our sensory training. We understand that real-life situations often involve busy and distracting settings, which can impact a person’s ability to process information and stay focused. By simulating such environments during our training sessions, we challenge individuals to enhance their visual skills and cognitive abilities amidst various distractions.

This unique integration allows participants to sharpen their visual processing, attention, and concentration in the face of everyday challenges. Our goal is to equip individuals with the tools and resilience needed to excel in diverse environments, ensuring that their sensory motor skills are optimized for success in both structured and dynamic settings. By combining our specialized developmental exercises with the dynamic visual training, we offer a comprehensive approach that fosters well-rounded sensory motor capabilities. Join us in our smart gym, and experience the transformative impact of integrating visual training with real-world distractions to reach new heights in perceptual abilities and overall performance.


Some Kind Words from
Parents and Students.

“Your program is a MIRACLE! She was struggling in school with about a C average and it was a battle getting her to do her work. After completing the program, she looks forward to her assignments (although they still take her much longer than they should), enjoys her reading and now averages about a B+. Her self-image and self-esteem have improved greatly. She is happier and has more time for leisure and social activities, as I believe all children should have. I attribute all of these positive changes to your program!”

Rosanne Z.


“I want to express my gratitude to the staff for a job well done. Thanks to their efforts, Brittany has finally turned the corner in so many ways. Her teachers and I have seen reading, writing, and social skills improve. I now see higher state test scores and real improvement in grades. But the most impressive change by far is the confidence she has acquired. Her focus has shifted from perceived failures into conversations about positive goals and dreams for her future.”

Maryanne D.


I recommend this program to everyone I know who has attention problems. As a teacher, I have recommended this program to present and past students. It is a truly amazing program!”

Laura R.

Parent and Teacher

“Peter, as I was taking the train back from midtown NYC this past Thursday, I came across your interview with John Gambling and I thought of writing you. Thank God my life has changed for the better after my time at the Center. I can read, study and have better processing and motor skills than I could imagine. I graduated from Baruch College of the City University of New York and am already in n MBA program. I have started a job as a financial auditor at a top 6 accounting firm. Life, thankfully, is great.”

Izak H.

Former student and current professional.

Beyond the Core Program

Welcome to the Empowered Learning Transformational Centers! I’m Peter Riddle, President, and Co-founder. For the past 28 years, we have been at the forefront of impacting countless lives through our revolutionary multidimensional development program. Unlike conventional tutoring, our approach delves deeper than mere content. We are here to uncover untapped potential and nurture the very foundation of learning and focus.

Peter Riddle

President & Co-Founder

Become a Certified Trainer

Empowered Learning Certifies Occupational & Physical Therapist, Teachers. Schools can license program and will train staff. Certified Trainer in our Empowered Learning program. This certification offers you the training and resources you need to effectively teach evidence-based learning abilities to others, whether in educational settings or the corporate world. Join us and become a leader in the field of optimized learning.

Home Schooling Program

Enhance your homeschooling experience with our specialized online program, designed to empower families and enrich group learning environments. Ideal for homeschooling families, this program offers valuable resources that can be easily integrated into your existing curriculum.

Memory Courses

Unlock your memory’s full potential with our Empowered Learning Strategies program, available online. This innovative course offers evidence-based techniques to enhance memory and optimize learning, making it a valuable asset for students, professionals, and lifelong learners alike. Train your brain to learn any quickly and retain it for a lifetime. Timeline of history, bones of the body,all the countries of the world, poems and public speaking..

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